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Welcome to the website for Mr. Wilson's class at Willie Brown Elementary School!  This web page is intended to be a resource for both students and parents.  You can check out what we're doing throughout the year, check when assignments are due, get project details, read our newsletter, and look at other helpful information.  Please take a moment to look around and familiarize yourself with the site.  I will be adding and updating information throughout the year.  The site is intended to be a great way for students and parents to stay in touch with their teacher and the class as a whole.

You're an awesome group of students!
Enjoy "your" class homepage and keep looking for new things.  I'll be adding things throughout the year.

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     Updates:  August 2016    

**  Spelling List - 8/20/16 ** 
  ** Lunch Menu - 8/20/16 ** 

  **  Teacher Bio - 7/16/16  ** 
  **  School Supply List - 7/16/16  ** 




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