Neither Mr. Wilson, Willie Brown Elementary School, nor Mansfield ISD is responsible for what a child does on the internet.  It is very important that while a child is on the internet, his/her parent supervises them and is aware of what their child is doing while surfing the internet.  There is a lot of wonderful and useful information on the world wide web, but there are also dangers.  It is important to know and understand how to utilize the internet.  It is equally important to know exactly how a child will utilize the internet so dangerous situations can be prevented.

Be  responsible and safe while surfing the world wide web. Some simple guidelines to follow are NEVER give out any personal information such as your full name, address, phone number (home or cell), social security, etc.  Many people are using instant messaging programs and have a "buddy profile" that asks for personal information.  Do not put your personal information in this content area.  Another place where you may fall into wanting to give out more information than necessary is on a website's guestbook.  This sight has a guest book and I don't want you putting your full name or any other important information.  Using your first name is great.

Please be safe.  Parents please supervise your children closely while they are surfing the internet.


For further information on safe internet surfing habits please follow the links below.

SafeSurf's Internet Lifeguard:

Kim Komando's 10 Commandments for Kids Online:


Photo Use Disclaimer

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