Mr. Wilson's Spring Break


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Mr. Wilson and his family had a wonderful Spring Break.  We went to Lake Murray State Park near Ardmore, Oklahoma.  The following pictures are just some of the things we saw and did while there.


These 2 photos show us getting our trailer ready to go at home.



After setting-up camp my kids went outside and did some bug hunting.  They found some of the most
colorful beetles you can imagine.



The next 4 pages are of my children's Easter baskets.  They had a great time as you can tell!



It's lunch time!


We also enjoyed fishing.  Lake Murray is the 2nd cleanest lake in Oklahoma.  It's amazing to see how clear the water is.



While visiting Lake Murray we made a small drive north to Turner Falls, Oklahoma.  We had never been
and wanted to see it for ourselves.  It was VERY crowded when we went.



Along the walk to Turner Falls there was a small castle style home that was built in the 1930's.


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