Creed, Colorado 

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We stayed at an RV campground called Cottonwood Cove while in Creed, Colorado.  What had a fun time exploring the area and having fun adventures.  While in the Creed area we did some white water rafting down the Rio Grande River (without a guide), went four-wheeling, and explored the many mines in the area.

Above is the view from the door of our trailer.  Awesome! Just 25 yards from our trailer was a very small mine shaft.  If
you look closely you can see it in the middle.
The Creed Fire Dept. was built into the mountain when the miners ran out of things to do.  You can't see it, but there are several fire trucks and other emergency vehicles inside!  It's huge in there and they have room for more!

Site of where Bachelor, Colorado used to be.
"Bachelor's Loop", named after the town of Bachelor, Colorado, has so many old mines.  There were so many that we couldn't take pictures of everything or we would have run out of film.   A must see when you visit Creed, Colorado!
We went four-wheeling in a Swedish Military vehicle.  It's a good thing because no regular 4-wheel vehicle could handle the terrain we went on.  We some of some of the most spectacular backcountry sights ever.  Phoenix Falls was our destination where we ate lunch.  Phoenix Falls was named after one of the mines in the area.
This is North Clear Creek Falls between Creed and Lake City, Colorado.  (Closer to Lake City.)  This is the most photographed waterfall in Colorado and you can see why.  What I found amazing is that it is less than a 1/4 mile from the highway and you wouldn't even know it was there if you didn't look for the sign.
The final two pictures show the head waters of the Rio Grande River.  The snow-capped mountain in the background is where the Rio Grande River starts from melting snow.  The Rio Grande River is almost 1,900 miles long making it the 4th longest river in the United States.  (Missouri - 2,540 miles, Mississippi - 2,340 and the Yukon - 1,980 or 2,300 depending on your source).
**  We went white water rafting down the Rio Grande River during our trip.  We didn't have a guide.  Just my family of four and my son's friend.  I was in the back stirring while my wife, son, and his friend paddled.  My daughter sat in the middle and enjoyed the ride.  My family was surprised at how well I could steer the raft!  We had a great time! **

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