Mr. Wilson's Bulletin Board Rules

Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Rules Permission Form Printable Permission Form Student Privacy

In order to participate on this board you will need to read, agree to and sign these rules.

  1. I agree to use my own username and password to login to this board.
  2. I agree to keep my username and password secret and not share it with anyone.
  3. I agree that I will NEVER login as another user, at any time.
  4. I understand that I am responsible for all activities that occur under my username and password.
  5. I agree not to use foul or offensive language.
  6. I agree to try my best not to post anything that may be considered offensive towards anyone in regards to their ethnicity (race), gender, religion, etc.
  7. I agree NEVER to post any of my private information (name, address, phone number or any other personal identifiable information).
  8. I agree to place my post in the correct forum.
  9. I agree not to use any other person or entity's copyright or trademark.  (I will not post their work as my own.)
  10. I agree to respect the opinions of other forum users.
  11. I agree that I will try my best to use correct spelling and grammar at all times.
  12. I agree and understand that Mr. Wilson has the right to edit and/or remove any of my posts at any time.
  13. I agree NEVER to post or discuss my grades, other students grades, grades on any of my papers, etc.  If I want to discuss my grades I will discuss it with Mr. Wilson in person at school.
  14. I agree and understand that while posting on this board, Mr. Wilson will know my identity, thus my posts are not anonymous.  (Mr. Wilson is the administrator)
  15. I agree that if I break any of these rules Mr. Wilson has the right to ban me from further participation in the forums.  (If a student is banned the parents will be notified of the offence.


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