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Welcome to our bulletin board.  The board is going to be used in order to help introduce students into the world of online computing and technology.  The trend in education is to integrate technology in our classroom education and instruction.  In doing so I am introducing ways in which my students will be able to succeed, enjoy and learn about technology as well as the subject matter being taught in the classroom.

The main purpose of this board is to encourage students to take the learning environment outside of the classroom and into their homes.  In doing so, my students will be able to share information and discuss issues freely among themselves.  Sometimes students my be afraid to ask questions in the classroom.  This is yet another setting where students will have the freedom to ask questions, answer questions, openly discuss classroom discussions, as well as discuss stories we've read.  Not only will our board be a place for students to discuss current topics being taught in school, but it will be a place where they will be able to discuss and ask questions about class projects.  Some students may get incorrect information when talking with friends.  Here they will be able to ask clarifying questions.  A "phenomenon" that occasionally comes up is the question concerning project due dates.

** Parents, I will do my best to visit the forums everyday and continue to make this a safe environment for our students.  However, there is only so much that I can do and your help is needed in helping to supervise your student's web habits.  I will act as quickly as possible in order to prevent things from happening, but parents please be aware of where they are on the internet.  I have provided rules and information (COPPA) for you to read to show you what I am doing to help protect our students and their information.

What this Board is NOT:


It is not a place where students may make fun of other students, teachers, or Willie Brown Elementary School staff.


It is not a place for students to give or trade answers on daily work assignments and/or tests.

What this Board IS:


It is a place for students to come and discuss school, class assignments, projects, field trips, etc.


It is a place for students to ask clarifying questions about assignments.


It is a place for students to come talk about school in general.


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