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Mr. Wilson's Class Bulletin Board Permission Form


This form must be signed by both the student and parent before the student will be allowed to login to any forum.  There is no exception to this rule at all.


Student's Name : ____________________________________________

Parent's Email: ______________________________________________


I have read, understand and agree to abide by "Mr. Wilson's Bulletin Board Rules".  I have also read the COPPA handout in relation to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which Mr. Wilson is following on this web site.

  1. Students will be participating in discussions about class discussions, books that we have read, and other school topics.
  2. Students my use classroom and/or computer lab computers, during appropriate times, in order to post to the forums.
  3. Students are not required to participate in these forums and may complete a substitute assignment when a grade is taken.
  4. Parents or legal guardians of students may request a login so they may view all posts.  Parents with logins may post in a special parents only forum in order to ask questions about projects, assignments, class work, etc.

Parents / Legal Guardians:

I hereby  _____ grant / _____ do not  grant permission for my child to participate in the online forum assignment.



_______________________________________            _____________________________________
Parent Signature                                                                       Student Signature



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